Essilor Glazing - For a high quality customer focused service

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Essilor Glazing - For a high quality customer focused service

At Essilor Ltd we strive to provide efficient, innovative, high quality glazing solutions that offer our customers total peace of mind when using our service.

We offer the highest levels of quality and service to all independent opticians across the UK and also proximity services to the local optician. We commit to provide a superior, fast and reliable service.

Our labs offer highly experienced teams. Building on Essilor's long standing service, we provide a glazing centre of excellence and service.

We have services at Essilor Bristol, Manchester and London which offer the local optician proximity based solutions for their glazing jobs. The proximity labs focus on the local independent practices to provide them with faster delivery times and services tailored to their needs.

Building Service Partnerships

Essilor Ltd offers commitment based packages and strives to find the optimal package for each of our customers. We understand your patients want the quality of their spectacles to be of a high standard and delivered on time.

We are truly a multi functional team, which means we understand the importance of every stage of the glazing service and provide consistently excellent customer focused service.

We seek to work actively with each customer. Based on your requirements we can offer a service solution and will work with you on such topics as ordering process, glazed product setup and delivery options.

The Services we Provide

We glaze a wide range of frames and continue to develop our expertise to ensure that we can provide our customers a service offer that meets the market needs as they develop.

In addition to this, we also offer a frame ordering service through our lab as well as arrange a store consultation visit where we can provide advice on Rx suitability with your existing frames.

For our local customers we offer a dedicated courier service and excellent turn around on stock products and our UK Express offers best in class Rx delivery.

Our Glazing Charges

The glazing charges are subject to a minimum monthly branded lens spend.

Holiday/Staff Absence Solutions

Staff holidays or staff absence may at times leave you in a position where you are unable to glaze your own lenses. At times like these, Essilor Glazing can offer you competitive solutions to ensure that the day to day running of the practice is not affected.

For further information please click on the relevant links on the side of this page.

Continuous development

We continue to assess the service and product offerings that we can provide you and will ensure that we do our utmost to respond to any local needs you may have.

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